The Dream Duffel Has Arrived!

 These are comments directly from our customers!





“I just wanted to let you know that I received my duffel today and I love it! It was worth the wait and the price.”

 “I also received my bag this week. The only thing I can say is WOW!!  This is a dance mom’s dream come true. Everything you can think of and quality construction. Great staff to answer questions too!!”


“I got my Dream Duffel last Monday. WOW!  What a is the King of Dance bags and I cannot wait to use it. 

It is going to fit all of our costumes plus some.”


“I filled my large duffle with ten costumes, garment bags, large size caboodle, stool, hangers and a few other necessities and it weighed 52#.” 



We want to thank everyone for your continued support- spread the word!


Barb and Kris


Dancer’s Dream Duffel

Patent Pending






9 Responses to “The Dream Duffel Has Arrived!”

  1. Dance Dad Says:

    Barb and Kris,

    Congratulations on a great concept and your new business.

  2. Megan Says:

    I was wondering about the weight limit on the costume rack? will it hold under the presure of several heavy costumes, also is there any kind of garantee against defect? Im trying to decide the difference between this and another product that is essentially the same.

  3. dancersdream Says:

    Hi Megan,
    The Dream Duffel rack is very sturdy. The large duffel will hold approximately 15 costumes. Heavy costumes should not be a problem. The rack locks when fully extended. You have to push a button on the top to collapse it. As far as warranty is concerned: We stand behind our product. If there is a problem, give us a call we will fix the problem to your satisfaction.

  4. Carma Spitzer Says:

    WOW – what a wonderful product you have! I just can’t stop talking about it to family, friends and fellow dance parents! You know it’s bad when even the people at work are thinking they need one and they don’t even have a dancer in the house! Congrats on such a great invention!

  5. Kris Says:

    I searched the internet and found only 3 or 4 other products like yours. For the price, yours seemed better constructed than the others. I ordered the large bag and it came in yesterday. I’m very pleased. My daughter is young but has an increasing number of performances each year and this bag will serve her for many years to come. This will help tremendously especially in the crowded dressing room. I love the garment bags as well…so much better than using ziplock bags! I can’t wait to show all of it off at this year’s recital! Great idea!!

  6. Lara P Says:

    Just wanted to say my dream duffel arrived yesterday. I ordered the small and this is a WONDERFUL product. it’s well made and sturdy. My only wish is that the stool fit a little better on the small bag but it’s not a big deal.

    thanks for the great customer service and the even better product.

  7. Marcia Weir Says:

    I just received my large duffel w/ extra hangers and garment bags. WOW! I just had a dance mom’s revelation and am ready for my 2 dancer’s upcoming competition in a week! There is PLENTY of room in it for our caboodles, accessories, and 10 costumes. We did a test run w/ everything and am extremely pleased w/this bag!
    Thank you for such a great concept. I knew that there had to be soemthing better than a cumbersome garment rack out there…

  8. jennifer Says:

    Just saw your dance bag at our last competiton. There was a whole team with them. Came home and ordered the large bag. Can’t wait to get it.

  9. Leah Gagum Says:

    I just received my New small dream bag complete pkg., and we love it! My daughter didn’t need the large bag so we ordered the new small bag, it is perfect! We did a test run today to make sure all of her costumes would fit without being squashed or wrinkled and the bag was the perfect size for our needs. I especially love the insulated pocket and the hanging rack. I was especially impressed by the quality and construction of the bag. It is very sturdy and the wheels roll with ease. I really like the garment bag and hanger but feel it’s very expensive to add as an additional accessory. Over all this product is wonderful and I will recommend it to all on our dance team. I received the bag in 4 days and Kris was a huge help in easing all of my hesitation and concerns. Thanks so much Kris! I’m looking forward to the competition season this year.

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